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The Rockbridge Tennis Association has a simple mission statement: to promote and support the sport of tennis in Lexington Buena Vista and Rockbridge County. It is dedicated to growing the sport at the community level. Since its founding in the 1990s the Rockbridge Tennis Association (RTA) has sponsored two weeks of youth tennis clinics every summer. Kids of all ages and skill levels receive instruction designed to introduce them to an active sport that they can play for a lifetime. Meanwhile adult players gather throughout the summer for Saturday Morning Round Robins.  Here players of all levels enjoy 90 minutes of spirited friendly doubles play that provide opportunities to meet new players and to hone skills.

At summer’s end RTA organizes two weekends of competitive tennis with a singles and a doubles tournament. This Fall Tournament is open to all players both young and old.

For many RTA members the volunteer ethos shines bright. Since its inception RTA members have been active coaching middle and high school tennis teams. We sponsor the annual William C. Washburn Tennis Award to honor all the contributions that Bill Washburn made to tennis in Lexington and Rockbridge County. William C. Washburn served for many years as Washington and Lee University’s Director of Alumni Affairs. He contributed to the Lexington area in many ways particularly regarding his lifelong passion tennis. The lower outdoor court complex at Washington and Lee is named in his memory.


RTA Board of Directors

Our Board

Board of Directors -  Kim Kearney, Ann Simpson, Dave Stout, Jerry McCoy, Erin Ness, Bill Oliver, Karen Pleva , John Mason,  Susan Amonette, and Bo Cunningham,  Officers - Dave Pfaff, President; Fred Massey, Vice President;  Bruce Williams, Secretary; and , Paul Candler, Acting Treasurer

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